It can be difficult to decide upon a particular essential oil aroma, especially when unfamiliar with its aromatic profile, along with not being in person to get a nice whiff as is the case when shopping online. A sample is a fantastic way to try out an essential oil first and with minimal cost.  We have now added 1 mL sample vials of our full lineup of pure essential oils so that you can experience firsthand different aromas and find what suits you best.  See them here.

Our 1 mL vial contains approx. 20-25 drops. This is an adequate amount for use in an oil warmer/burner on several sessions. This is an excellent way to assess fragrance notes or use to experiment blending with other essential oils.

Refer to our blending chart to find out what harmoniously blends with each other.  If you like to experiment with creating your own customized fragrance blend our 1 mL vials are the perfect solution before opting for larger sizes.
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