Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Dilution Chart

Dilution ratios for skin application vary according to age. For adults 2 to 2.5% is the standard rate, 
whereas for children under 12 or the elderly it is 1%, or, about 1/3 that of an adult. 
Always seek professional advice first when blending essential oils for facial application, 
children under the age of 12 or the elderly.

mL Equivalent Chart

ml Equivalency Chart

*Drops are a general guideline only. The actual number depends on the specific essential oil viscosity, temperature and size of dropper aperture opening.

**Drams rounded up to nearest fraction

***Not practical for smaller amounts. Use tsp or Tbps.

Harmonious Blending Chart

Use our blending chart to find out what fragrant notes in different essential oils blend together in a complimentary, harmonious manner.  Although there are certain guidelines, particularly for natural perfume, personal preference is always a determining factor that cannot be dismissed from the equation. 

For those inexperienced with blending essential oil fragrant notes, we've compiled an easy to follow blending chart in PDF format for all essential oil and absolutes currently offered by Lotus Garden Botanicals.

Our Harmonious Blending Chart is an excellent resource for those involved (or interested in) custom blending fragrances for making soap, massage oil, natural perfume, bath and body products, creams, lotions, candles or any facet of formulating fragrant recipes.

Harmonious Blending Chart (click below to open)

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